Ruthie is an artist and illustrator, she was born into a creative family; a jumble of artists and crafters, and was brought up with a love for the countryside, faerietales, folklore, poetry, music & art; throughout her younger years whilst at school and college she was forever drawing & sketching & creating.

Since moving to the beautiful wilds of South West Scotland in ‘93, the heather strewn hills and ancient woodland that surround her home have deeply influenced Ruthie's work.

Through her research Ruthie explores the local folklore, history and tradition rooted in Galloway’s past, much of it on the brink of being lost.

As a pictorial storyteller, Ruthie uses the narrative elements of folklore to evoke a connection to a time when we were intrinsically tied to the rhythms of Mother Nature and to inspire interest in our rich Scottish heritage.

Through her body of work, Ruthie also explores the use of symbology and is fascinated by how it can move us, inspire us, inform us and puzzle us and how our lives have been enriched by it through art, and the written and spoken word.

In December 2017 Ruthie was delighted when her very first illustrated book called 'Nip Nebs' was finally published! A collaboration with local storyteller Susi Briggs, the story was written by Susi in Scots and is all about Jack Frost.

Ruthie produces original paintings, prints, cards and sculptures, she also teaches her ‘HeART Journaling’ workshops in and around Dumfries and Galloway which are all about encouraging creativity, letting go and having fun in the process.

She has also set up a sketching group on Facebook called 'Sketch-a-day' encouraging a daily sketching practice with new topics set weekly.

About Ruthie Blog “5 Precious things”
Through the writing and images on her blog Ruthie hopes to prompt us to be mindful of the simple pleasures in life, the little things that make a heart sing ~ the sight of jewel hues on a butterfly wing, and the joy of tasting freshly picked blackberries in autumn, the memory of a childhood moment. Her blog is called “precious things” for as she says “we are surrounded by so many; we just have to take the time to notice”.